• Deja Renew - Heirloom Patchwork Ball, Blue & Harley Orange
  • Deja Renew - Heirloom Patchwork Ball, Blue & Harley Orange
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Heirloom Patchwork Ball, Blue & Harley Orange - $30

Handmade using reclaimed fabrics cut into hexagons and pentagons. This custom order ball was created for a little girl using her late grandfather's t-shirts. A special gift from her Aunt, in memory of their loved one.

This Eco-friendly ball is soft and light, making it easy for children to pick up or roll. Perfect for indoor use. Main colors are blue, white, beige with a pop of Harley Davidson orange. The ball is stuffed with fiber fill and closed using a blind stitch.

Fabric has been pre-washed.

Dimensions: 10" Diameter Round Ball
Materials: Cotton, Polyester and Fiber Fill.

Care: Machine wash cold, delicate cycle, mild detergent. Tumble dry low or air dry. Fluff with hands to reshape if needed.

* A portion of each sale is donated to Ovar'coming Together to support the fight against Ovarian Cancer. Thank you for your support!

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