• Deja Renew - Eco-friendly Children's Play Teepee, Brown & Stripes
  • Deja Renew - Eco-friendly Children's Play Teepee, Brown & Stripes
  • Deja Renew - Eco-friendly Children's Play Teepee, Brown & Stripes
  • Deja Renew - Eco-friendly Children's Play Teepee, Brown & Stripes
  • Deja Renew - Eco-friendly Children's Play Teepee, Brown & Stripes
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Eco-friendly Children's Play Teepee, Brown & Stripes - $179

Handmade using repurposed cotton sheets, a canvas drop cloth and bamboo poles. Featured in Generation Q Magazine, Fall 2012. New and improved original design, by Deja Renew.

Children can read, relax and let their imagination run wild for hours while playing in this teepee! I fell in love with teepees as a child while away at girl scout camp. Another troop had a large teepee that slept 12 and they invited our troop to come in for a while to enjoy. It left quite an impression on me. I also have vivid memories of a teepee that my Mom created in her classroom for her students to enjoy. I loved playing in it as a child, so I thought why not create my own teepee design for other children to enjoy!

This original designed Eco-friendly Children's Teepee makes a great secret space for children to enjoy. The outer cover, created from repurposed cotton sheets, adorns chocolate brown, navy, white, light blue, green, gray, mustard and orange colored stripes. Door flaps may be closed with attached Velcro or tied open. Includes a floor mat/base, made from a repurposed canvas drop cloth, which has furniture coasters attached for pole placement/easy teepee set up. This will keep the teepee poles in place while also providing a soft base surface. The cotton teepee cover is attached to the bamboo poles and canvas base with Velcro and can be removed to be washed as needed. The canvas base is also washable; please remove furniture coasters that are attached with Velcro before washing. Bamboo pole ends have been reinforced with liquid rubber to prevent splinters. Stores easily, just collapse the poles and remove the base. Fits under a bed or upright in a closet corner.

Poles are connected together and labeled for easy re-assembly once removed or washed. The new design makes putting the teepee back together after washing much easier. Simply put the poles in place and wrap the teepee around the poles, Velcro shut. Detailed picture instructions are included.

**Please note, this teepee is not intended for rough play and can be knocked over if not properly used. Intended for children 3+ years to use as a reading area or relaxing space. Parent supervision is advised.

When assembled: 54"deep x 46" wide, 70" tall. Door opening 34" w x 40"h.
When storing: 6 ft tall/long x 3" diameter

Reclaimed Cotton Sheets, 6 Bamboo poles, Coated Shoestring, Velcro, Reclaimed Canvas Drop Cloth, Furniture Coasters, Liquid Rubber.

Cloth Cover & Base are Washable (do not wash poles or furniture coasters). Wash cold/delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry.

The teepee is shipped in a 6"x6"x72" box. Teepee is wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap. The box is then filled with recycled packing "peanuts" for extra protection. Available to ship to the USA and Canada. Must ship by Dec 14 to receive by Christmas. This item is not available for international shipping.

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